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Tea & Tarot Brighton Tarot Classes and Workshops

Tarot Classes

Discover the magic of Tarot

Are you curious about Tarot and want to know how it works? Have you got a Tarot deck and not sure whether you’re getting the most out of it?

Do you want to get ‘off-book’ but feel daunted by learning all 78 cards? Would you like to set yourself up as a professional Tarot reader?

Tea & Tarot offers Tarot classes for absolute beginners, those wanting to get more out of
reading Tarot for themselves or for friends, right up to those who want to go pro.


What’s more, I teach the skills to practice Tarot as most people want to experience it - an everyday
wellbeing tool that’s practical, safe, insightful, inclusive, sociable and often fun.


When you choose to learn Tarot with Tea & Tarot Brighton, you’ll be in a position to offer guidance and inspiration that anyone can value and enjoy.

Tea & Tarot Brighton Tarot Classes and Workshops

Introduction to Tarot Workshop

Best suited for: Absolute beginners & newcomers to the world of Tarot.


If you have little or no experience of Tarot, the Introduction to Tarot workshop will kickstart your journey and help you decide whether you want to learn more.


I’ll show you how to interpret cards, give you some background on Tarot and how a Tarot deck is structured, how to handle the so-called ‘badass’ cards (Death, The Tower, The Devil etc.) and what’s involved in reading for yourself and others.


It includes a sourcebook of Tarot card meanings and a recommended list of resources to help take your learning further.

This workshop costs £35, including refreshments, materials and a sourcebook and lasts 2.5 hours.

The next workshop dates are: Thursday 12 September, 7-9.30pm | Sunday 29 September, 3-5.30pm

To book your place, please get in touch here

The Thursday Tarot Club

Best suited for: Those who want to practice reading Tarot with others

If you want to improve your Tarot skills, there is no better way than to practice reading for
others in a safe supportive environment. The Thursday Tarot Club meets once a month to
give Tarot readings for each other with light touch guidance from me.


It’s great if you want to read for other people (perhaps after only reading Tarot for yourself) and learn from the different ways other people use and interpret Tarot cards. Plus, you’ll have a chance to gain
feedback and inspiration from having your own cards read by others.

The Tarot Club is limited to 6 people per session and costs £15.

Tarot Club normally takes place on the 1st Thursday of every month, from 7-8.30pm.

For 2024-2025 the dates are:

3 July* | 1 August | 5 September | 3 October | 7 November | 5 December

(*a one-off Wednesday)

To book your place, please get in touch here

Note the Tarot Club is a practice group, not a formal learning program.

If you want to master all 78 cards of the Tarot, and gain the expertise required to offer Tarot readings at a level that equips you to offer it to others on a semi-professional basis, you may be interested in the annual Journey Through the Minor and Major Arcana programme.

Journey Through The Minor & Major Arcana

Best suited for: Those who want to take a deep-dive into Tarot.

This is a 10 module in-person programme, with breaks to assimilate the learning, running through the Winter and Spring season each year. It is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to read Tarot effectively for others.


Tarot is like any complex sport or activity – you do not achieve mastery overnight, but this programme lays the groundwork for continued practice and includes over 90 pages of comprehensive notes, exercises and practical tips that you can return to as you continue your learning through experience.


Some graduates of this programme have chosen to offer Tarot semi-professionally, but you do not
have to have this goal. Others have equally enjoyed the process of learning Tarot as a vehicle for self-development and personal reflection. The 78 cards offer 78 different ways of seeing ourselves.


Studying the cards, the symbolism and the life lessons they offer brings its own reward.

The journey begins with the Minor Arcana, comprising four sessions, at the end of which you will have understood 56 out of the 78 cards in the Tarot deck, how numbers and elements inform card meanings, how to tackle Court Cards, and practiced some valuable reading skills.

In the New Year, we continue with the Major Arcana, over six sessions. This allows us to deal with the 22 Major Arcana cards in depth and explore more advanced reading skills – including formulating questions, Tarot spreads, the so-called ‘badass’ cards, and how to conduct a Tarot consultation.

The total cost of the programme is £200.

It can be paid in two instalments – Journey Through the Minor Arcana £80, Journey Through the Major Arcana £120 - Contact us for Course Information

For 2024-2025 this course will run on the following dates:
Minor Arcana: 17th, 24th October | 14th, 21st November
Major Arcana: 23rd, 30th January | 13th, 20th February | 5th, 13th March.

Join the Waitlist here

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Private tuition

If you would rather learn Tarot on a 1:1 basis or receive specific coaching related to
your needs, whether to improve your understanding of Tarot cards, or get support in
setting up or developing a Tarot business, I’m available for private tuition on request.
Sessions are £45 per hour.

Sessions are available during weekdays and evenings by arrangement.

Please contact me via the form below.

Private Tuition: Get in touch

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