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Tea & Tarot Brighton Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings

Insight and inspiration

Tea & Tarot hosts Tarot readings at my home in Marine Gardens, Kemptown throughout the summer, or on a walk-in basis at partnering venues across the Brighton & Hove area.


You can enjoy a Tarot reading as a one-off experience, a perfect activity for a day out in Brighton! Or book a Tarot reading more intentionally if you’re looking for guidance, inspiration and wellbeing, perhaps if you’re feeling a little stuck or at a turning point.


If you come with a friend, relative or partner you can share the experience and enjoy the cards together.
Tarot readings are bookable on demand, using the appointment request form below.


A minimum appointment lasts 30 minutes and costs £30. This can be either an individual session or shared between two people. If you have a larger group, up to six people at a time can be accommodated. Usually that means each person will have a 15-minute Tarot reading at a cost of £15 per person.

New to Tarot? Here’s what to expect

Tea & Tarot Brighton Tarot Reading Marine Gardens Kemptown

At the start of a session, I usually ask whether there’s anything on your mind or a particular area of your life you’d like to explore – career, home, family, relationships. If nothing specific comes to mind, that’s fine.

You may want to ask the cards about how best to approach some changes going on in your life, or a period of feeling stuck, or how to tackle a difficult conversation.


You may also feel that things are going just fine, and you simply want some general inspiration, to know if you’re on the right track, or what to focus on in the months ahead.


Once we’ve formulated a question together, I’ll invite you to draw three cards, and we’ll see what comes up. I’ll interpret these cards for you, drawing two or three more if we need further clarification or a new question emerges during our conversation.

I do not use Tarot cards for fortune-telling. I feel Tarot is best used as an amazing tool for insight and building confidence in the decisions we make.


A Tarot reading offers a supportive space for us to see how the cards can act as our stimulus and inspiration. Ultimately we can use it to tap into, and trust, our own intuition.

Tarot Readings: Get in touch

Please use this form to enquire about booking a private Tarot reading

Thanks! Your form will be sent to info@teaandtarotbrighton and we'll get back to you as soon as possible

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Tea & Tarot Brighton Tarot Readings
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